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Coastlands - what's happening banner image
Coastlands - what's happening banner image
Coastlands - what's happening banner image


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  • Someone has turned on the sun – and here at Coastlands we’re ready for summer to bring on the fun!


    Let’s get started with the new summer menus –

    savoury and sweet treats to add to those winter warmers we’ve become used to.


    And of course it’s time to strip off – a bit 😉 and fill your wardrobe with sensational summer styles for work, beach, bbq or formal occasions.


    Also browse around – and enjoy everything we have to offer from our full range of service businesses. Summer has rolled on in to Coastlands.

  • Coastlands - GIFT CARD


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  • The perfect gift

    You’ve remembered the special occasion – maybe a birthday (or the very real, new birth day), anniversary, christening, wedding or something only you know about – but somehow ideas are proving very hard to come by. Well, have we got THE idea for you. Take all the guess work out with a Coastlands Shoppingtown Gift Card that hits all the right spots. The very lucky recipient can choose where to redeem it, at their own choice of most Coastlands stores, shops, cafes and major outlets. Now how simple and convenient and just perfect is that? Just call into our Customer Service Desk and spend exactly what you want to, knowing the lucky person on the receiving end will definitely end up with something they want. We call it risk-free gift shopping and it’s right where you want to be – where it’s great to be!


    Check your Gift Card balance


    For your convenience and information

    here’s a link to our terms and conditions

  • Coastlands - FASHION TRENDS


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  • Whatever your fashion style and colour preferences, it’s great to be shopping where the people who know, really know, and that’s at Coastlands! Find your casual outfit or deck out for a day at the races, evening splendour or just a muck about at home. Our 17 fabulous fashion stores are here to help; and they all have the latest styles to make choosing, mixing and matching easy.

    You’ll find your special look right here.
    You’ll find your special summer look right here.



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  • Coastlands remains open under Alert Level 1. Let’s be safe and practice social distancing and take hygiene precautions. Please wash your hands, thoroughly and often.

    There are some precautionary efforts that we have made for Level 1.

    1. Increasing frequent cleaning and disinfecting of regularly used objects and hard surfaces (e.g. hand-rails, bathroom door handles, food-court tables and trays). Rubbish bins will also be emptied more regularly.
    2. Promoting contactless transactions such as PayWave instead of cash for payments. Retailers have been encouraged to facilitate distancing at counters and benches.

    We do ask for your cooperation with contact tracing and ensure you that details taken adhere to government recommendations within the confinements of your privacy rights. For more information on the Government Tracing app, click here

  • Coastlands - GIFT IDEAS


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  • Birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, Christmas, New Year, farewells and welcomes – so many different days and occasions needing something different, something memorable. This is when it’s great to be here – at Coastlands. Fashion and accessories, health and beauty, sport, lifestyle – gifts and vouchers to make presenting a present that much easier. You’re spoiled for choice at Coastlands; and if choosing is still proving difficult there’s always someone to help with ideas within your budget. You only need to ask!


    Don’t forget those very special days. Head on to Coastlands to be ready to love the love of your life with something amazing! He/she would welcome a voucher or a specially considered gift. Coastlands is ready for every special day.



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  • Well – how much inspiration do you need? It’s great to be here – where just about everything you need is right at hand in one great location – Coastlands. You can eat to your heart’s content from speciality shops to the amazing, popular Foodcourt. We have fashion and all the matching accessories to complement your style. Health and beauty, from nails and hair to healthy living advisors and medical experts. We have sports experts, phones, books, stationery, auto accessories and more – it’s hard to know where to stop. Take your time – everyone loves to help.

  • Coastlands - MOVIES


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  • The movie world always fascinates us; the lives of the star, their comings and goings and the next big movies they’ll be starring in. Catch all their latest movies with us; we love to keep the newest and the best right here for you. As the reviews come out, we’ll have them all for you as well as putting you right in front of the screen. Whatever your taste, you’ll find the best movies right there at Coastlands. Here’s a link to movie reviews – www.flicks.co.nz!

    For Cinema Times

    04 298 6174


    Event Cinemas

  • Coastlands - SKINCARE TIPS


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  • Skin care is an ever-developing science; you can spend a lot or a little to help your skin on its way to a beautiful, natural healthy glow. Catch up on the latest products that help slow the visible signs of ageing, and while you’re in the mood, and because it’s great to be here where it’s all happening – give your eyes, your nails, your hair (oh go on, everything!) a new lease on life too. It’s all in one place – Coastlands.

  • Coastlands - SUMMER TREATS


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  • Treat yourself or someone else this Summer with the freshest new flavours and colours. At Coastlands, Winter is so last season! Whether you’re feeling salty or sweet, our refreshed menus are bursting with new flavours to keep you cool, energised and ready to get pampered. Treat your skin and hair with our


    massive range of summer products and accessories. You’ll be sure to shine all Summer. Being sun-smart has never looked so good. Don’t forget to treat your feet — They won’t change size this Summer, even if you’ve been hitting the cheeseboard instead of the surfboard 😉 a pedicure or new shoes is the ultimate


    way to say thanks! And with all the extra house guests, you can treat your home with our range of Summer furnishings. We’ve got everything you need to host a lazy BBQ or cocktail party in the sun. It’s great to be at Coastlands!

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Gift Card Terms and Conditions

This Gift Card is redeemable for merchandise sold at any participating retailer at Coastlands Shoppingtown Limited and may not be redeemed for cash.

  • Purchase or use of the Gift Card constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you let another person use or take possession of your Gift Card, you must inform that person that they will be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • The Gift Card credit will expire 12 months after the date of purchase. After the Gift Card has expired, it is no longer valid. All transactions will be declined and any outstanding balance will be forfeited. Click here to check your balance and find out your expiry date on your Gift Card.
  • The Gift Card can be loaded with any value between $5 and $1,000.
  • The Gift Card may not be redeemed for cash.
  • The following stores do not accept gift cards: Countdown and Super Cheap Auto.
  • Lost or stolen Gift Cards will not be replaced. Any unused balance will not be refunded to the holder on presentation of the Gift Card or transferred to a new Gift Card.
  • The bearer of the Gift Card may use the Gift Card to make purchases of goods/services from any participating retailers at Coastlands Shoppingtown Limited. The Gift Card may not be used for any other purpose.
  • Gift Cards are not legal tender, account cards, credit or debit cards or securities.
  • The Gift Card should be held in a secure place, as any person holding the Gift Card may be able to use its value to make purchases.
  • Gift Cards will be void and will not be redeemable if they are defaced, mutilated, altered or tampered with in any way.
  • Coastlands Shoppingtown Limited is not a party to any purchase contract using the Gift Card and is not liable for and make no warranty regarding the availability, quality or fitness for purpose of any goods and services purchased with the Gift Card. If you have a dispute about the goods or services, you must resolve the dispute with the retailer where you purchased them.
  • If you wish to return goods to the retailer you purchased them from with your Gift Card it is not possible to reimburse funds to the Gift Card. The retailer will need to provide a refund or credit subject to the terms and conditions under which the original purchase was made at the store.
  • The bearer of a Gift Card may not consolidate the balances of several Gift Cards onto a new Gift Card.
  • Coastlands Shoppingtown Limited reserves the right to cancel any Gift Card, or the Gift Card programme, for any reason at any time without notice. If this occurs the balance on all valid Gift Cards will be refunded to the holder on presentation of the card.
  • Coastlands Shoppingtown Limited may vary these terms and conditions from time to time by displaying a notice of change on our website and where the Gift Card is sold.
  • Your Gift Card may not be copied or reproduced in any circumstances.
  • In some cases, it may be necessary for us to collect personal information from you. We will comply with all privacy laws and rules of confidentiality that apply to us. We may make enquiries about any personal information that you provide to us in order to check the accuracy of the information.