From what started off with one store in Auckland, quickly grew to over 90 across New Zealand. As they have grown, their passion to provide a healthy foundation for people to live and feel better has fuelled them, it's what has kept them going for over 13 years. Throughout the journey, they’ve always used the same fresh, natural, and whole ingredients in our handcrafted and freshly-made juices, superfood smoothies, salads and wraps to make sure you can get the most out of your day. Their recipes are crafted to optimise overall health and wellness by feeding the body with essential vitamins and nutrients. Rest assured you're always eating clean at Tank. There is also a little bit of something for everyone – including vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options and our kid-friendly Mini TANK smoothies. Tank reckons their recipes are pretty good, but you can change your order to make it just how you want it – add this, take away that. If you want it, they will juice it. So, sit yourself down and treat yourself to a smoothie and an overflowing salad or wrap filled with every colour of the rainbow.

Picture of a tank salad with a berry smoothie

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