Visit Kapiti

What an amazing place we live in! We thought we’d share this new video with you which is a great reminder of all the things that make the Kapiti Coast so special.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy it and we hope you’ll share it with friends and family living away. Maybe they’ll be inspired to come and visit when they see all the reasons we think ‘it’s great to be here’.


Watch the video here

Gift Ideas

Birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, Christmas, New Year, farewells and welcomes -so many different days and occasions needing something different, something memorable. This is when it’s great to be here – at Coastlands. Fashion and accessories, health and beauty, sport, lifestyle – gifts and vouchers to make presenting a present that much easier. You’re spoiled for choice at Coastlands; and if choosing is still proving difficult there’s always someone to help with ideas within your budget. You only need to ask!


Don’t forget those very special days. Head on to Coastlands to be ready to love the love of your life with something amazing! He/she would welcome a voucher or a specially considered gift. Coastlands is ready for every special day.


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Shopping Inspiration

Well – how much inspiration do you need? It’s great to be here – where just about everything you need is right at hand in one great location – Coastlands. You can eat to your heart’s content from speciality shops to the amazing, popular Foodcourt. We have fashion and all the matching accessories to complement your style. Health and beauty, from nails and hair to healthy living advisors and medical experts. We have sports experts, phones, books, stationery, auto accessories and more – it’s hard to know where to stop. Take your time – everyone loves to help.


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Summer at Coastlands

Someone has turned on the sun – and here at Coastlands we’re ready for summer to bring on the fun!
Let’s get started with the new summer menus – savoury and sweet treats to add to those winter warmers we’ve become used to.
And of course it’s time to strip off – a bit 😉 and fill your wardrobe with sensational summer styles for work, beach, bbq or formal occasions.
Also browse around – and enjoy everything we have to offer from our full range of service businesses. Summer has rolled on in to Coastlands.


The movie world always fascinates us; the lives of the star, their comings and goings and the next big movies they’ll be starring in. Catch all their latest movies with us; we love to keep the newest and the best right here for you. As the reviews come out, we’ll have them all for you as well as putting you right in front of the screen. Whatever your taste, you’ll find the best movies right there at Coastlands. Here’s a link to movie reviews –!

For Cinema Times

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Event Cinemas

Skincare Tips

Skincare is an ever-developing science; you can spend a lot or a little to help your skin on its way to a beautiful, natural healthy glow. Catch up on the latest products that help slow the visible signs of ageing and protect your skin from New Zealand’s harsh summer sun. And while you’re in the mood, and because it’s great to be here where it’s all happening – give your eyes, your nails, your hair (oh go on, everything!) a new lease on life too. It’s all in one place – Coastlands.

Summer Treats

Treat yourself or someone else this Summer with the freshest new flavours and colours. At Coastlands, Winter is so last season! Whether you’re feeling salty or sweet, our refreshed menus are bursting with new flavours to keep you cool, energised and ready to get pampered. Treat your skin and hair with our massive range of summer products and accessories. You’ll be sure to shine all Summer. Being sun-smart has never looked so good. Don’t forget to treat your feet — They won’t change size this Summer, even if you’ve been hitting the cheeseboard instead of the surfboard 😉 a pedicure or new shoes is the ultimate way to say thanks! And with all the extra house guests, you can treat your home with our range of Summer furnishings. We’ve got everything you need to host a lazy BBQ or cocktail party in the sun. It’s great to be at Coastlands!